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Hall Of Fame Listings

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    *  U.S. Croquet Hall of Fame, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

    *  Hall of Fame of the Trotter, in Goshen, New York.

    *  International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, in Netanya, Israel.

    *  American Museum of Fly Fishing, in Manchester, Vermont.

    *  International Swimming Hall of Fame, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    *  National Softball of Fame, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    *  The Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame, in Muskegon, Michigan.

    *  Fredonia College Sports Hall of Fame, in Fredonia, New York.
    *  National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, in
       Arlington Heights, Illinois.

    *  International JEWISH Sports Hall of Fame,  Wingate Institute,
       Wingate Post Office, 42902 ISRAEL.   USA address is: 7400 Barra Drive,
       Bethesda, MD 20817. 011-972-9-653070. USA fax (301) 229-8345
    *  Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame (Salon de la Fama), 
       in Monterrey, Mexico.

    *  Naismith Memorial BASKETBALL Hall of Fame, 1150 W. Columbus Ave.,
       Springfield, MA 01101, (413) 781-6500

    *  National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, in 
       Detroit, Michigan.

    *  Volleyball Hall of Fame, in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
    *  Women's Sports Foundation International Hall of Fame and Museum,
       in Detroit, Michigan.
    *  World Sports Humanitarion Hall of Fame, 404 S. 8th, Ste 214,
       Boise, ID 83702, (208) 343-7224.

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